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Penicillin(Hakuei) Theme

Theme:Penicillin (Hakuei)

For: Sony Ericsson Z780, and TM506

Requested By: Myself

Penicillin Hakuei Theme

Enjoy :3

yugiri theme

it's for SE w380i, I hope you like it ^^


and I can make you themes for sony ericsson if you request it ^^ just give me the picture if you want any particular pic to be used there ^^


I would like to request Nishikido Ryo from Kanjani8 theme.
I am not picky about the pictures so use whichever you like but it would be nice if it was something bright and cheerful :)
It will be for Nokia 6670
Thank you so much <3


I was wondering if it is possible to make themes for the Sony Ericsson TM506? And if so could someone make one for me, please? :D

Can be:
Alice Nine,
The GazettE,

Colorful would be awesome!
I'm not picky about what pictures are used.

Thanks XD


Can i have a JUN (attic, ex-Phantasmagoria) theme??
Phone Type:  Samsung SGH-E370
Any pictures will do, Im not fussy! =]
Please make it nice!?
&& Can you tell me when its done?


I'd like to request a theme about Ruki from Gazette for Nokia 6085.

pics under the cutCollapse )


I find this community really great!
I just wanna request a Sony Ericsson K610i theme for NEWS(Jpop Band) or Shigeaki Kato..Any pictures will do :))


First of all this community is so awesome *___*

i'd like to request a miura haruma theme as ren kazama from gokusen 3 ^.^ but any pic of him i just fine!
my phone modell is: Sony Ericsson s500i

thx alot!~

wallie for motorola maxx v6

here i make some wallies for motorola phone with resolution around 240x320.
perhaps you can use it in other phone too with same resolution.
* ★☆ comments is love ☆★ *

love walliesCollapse )


Hey!~ Your community looks really interesting. ^-^ Looking at some of the themes you already have look really awesome.

I was wondering if it was possible to make a theme for sony ericsson W330i models?
If you can, could you do the gazette or alice nine. theme?
Any pictures of them would be great.

 please and thank you~ ^-^