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I'd like to request phone themes for a Nokia 5530. 2 NEWS and 1 Tegomass and a Kaichou wa maid sama  if it's not hard for you :D

Here are the pics for the Tegomass ones.

Pick the pictures the you think are the best ^^

thanks so much!



Hi! I was wondering could you do a theme for me of Devil Beside you -drama. It would be nice if it has both Mike He(Ahmon in the series) and Rainie Yang(Qi Yue in the series). My phone is Sony Ericsson Z610i.
Thank you~ (^-^)

Request~? :3

This is my first post, and you guys have all done beautiful work! Unfortunately there isnt anything for my phone.. and well I would like one please~?

I have an AT&T/Cingular Nokia 6102i phone and I would LOVE to have it all Hiroto-ed up!

(Hiroto from alice nine.)

Pretty please and thank you in advance <3


I couldnt find any tag for my mobile so..
I would like to request a gazette theme for LG ku990 viewty
Or maybe where can I find a tutorial to make them myself?
Thanks in advance!


I would like a theme for my Blackberry Curve 8310 using the default AT&T icons(if possible).
picture: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v603/nineri/ur_syuugou2.jpg

Hopefully themes for this phone can be made. o__o; It acts like they can but I'm not very smart when it comes to themes(or blackberry phones). XD;


can i request theme (Nokia 6288) for mizushima hiro and ikuta toma?


I would like to request Miku's theme (An Cafe) to my nokia 6120.
Any picture will do~ ^_^
Arigato ^^


hi :) I just got a new phone so..... I'd like to request a Masuda Takahisa (from NEWS) theme. Not too picky about the pictures, just maybe not a recent one with his new haircut....

Phone Type: Sony Ericsson TM506

Thanks in advance :)


Hello all :3 (first time poster D:<)
I want to request theme with:
♡ Hizaki from Versailles - image @ here (this pretty "girl" on the left XD") or
♡ Kamijo from Versailles - image @ here
for phone SAMSUNG SGH-F250 (screen is 128px width x 160px height)

Could someone make one, please? ♡

The GazettE Theme

Theme:The GazettE

For: Sony Ericsson Z780, and TM506

Requested By: Myself

The GazettE Theme

Enjoy :3